Village Programs 

Clean Drinking Water Plants in Villages

We are pleased to inform you that APMGUSA has recently entered into a partnership with NAANDI Foundation of Hyderabad, A.P in implementing “Adopt a Village Program” with a goal of providing clean, safe drinking water to the people of Andhra Pradesh in identified villages. NAANDI shall assist APMGUSA in organizing community safe water systems (CSWS) to villages so that there is access to safe, potable drinking water for rural communities.

For a population range of 2500-7000, a water treatment unit capacity of 1000 lph shall be required. For such a unit current estimated cost in Rupees nine lakhs out of which APMGUSA donor contribution would be Rupees five lakhs or equivalent US dollars (one time contribution) and NAANDI Foundation Component would be Rupees four lakhs. If the village population is less than 2500, cost would be less than the above. Similarly if the village population is more than 7000, bigger (or multiple) unit shall be required and naturally the cost would be more than the above mentioned amount. Village panchayat should provide a leveled site for the plant and a clear source of water should be available for treatment at the proposed plant site. The service charges for purifying water would be 10 to 15 paise per liter or as is mutually agreed between NAANDI Foundation and Village panchayat. NAANDI shall operate and maintain units.

We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity and circulate this to your friends/relatives/collegemates. To sponsor the project thru APMGUSA Foundation, please visit our website:

Rural Health camps

Apmgusa has recently signed MOU with Asian Healthcare Foundation,a subsidiary of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology(AIG) located in Hyderabad,A.P.In these health camps,a general screening followed by a specialty screening(GI endoscopy and Liver ultrasound) shall be carried out.Each camp typically would cover a population of 20000 or about 10 villages.AIG already has infrastructure and mobile self equipped hospitals where services such as Lab,X-ray,Pharmacy,Endoscopy and Ultrasound are available.Each camp normally covers the following:

Blood Tests
Monitoring Blood Pressure
Random Blood Sugar
Abdomen Screening
Abdominal ultrasound
Collection of Patient Data

All the normal checkups covering all major aspects other than neurological,gynecological and Respiratory diseases are undertaken.Medicines are also distributed to patients free of cost.AIG shall deploy 2 Camp Coordinators to the camp site in advance of the camp date.These Co- ordinators visit each village,interact with people from all walks of life:Village elders,Local Political leaders,Social Activists,Local healthcare agencies including but not limited to PHCs,PHSCs,CHCs,Local medical practitioners and explain them in detail about the proposed health camps.They also meet the local press correspondents in order to create awareness thru print media.They make necessary arrangements for distribution of pamphlets in all villages.AIG also will get in touch with the Doctors in the area of the camp and in the district of the camp and request for their support.

To sponsor one camp(Population of 20000 or about 10 villages)thru Apmgusa,it would cost Rupees 30000. One can sponsor one camp,one Mandal or whole district.For additional info ,Please contact Mohan. Mallam, MD

Mohan Mallam, MD
303 E. Buena Vista
Barstow CA 92311
P:760 252 3986
F: 760 256 0310